How Bonza Compares

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At Bonza we are champions of flat fee, owner driven, commission free business sales. 

There are in excess of 675,000 small business in Australia, many of whom need or want to sell their business. To do this there have been two choices to date. 

1) Either try to do it yourself, or 

2) Use a business broker. 

Most small business owners do not have the time or the experience to sell their business successfully, however the fees charged by business brokers, which are often $15,000 plus on even the smallest business are to excessive. 

The result is often that the business is not sold and closes down, losing that business, know-how and employment to the local region, while destroying value for the business owner. 

Small businesses drive the Australian economy and small business owners deserve the right to be able to market their businesses with professional support for an affordable price. 

To address this we have developed Bonza – the champion of small business sales, using intelligent web based systems to find your buyers and experienced business sales experts to support small business owners in their sale process. 

We provide all the tools and expertise your business sale requires, whilst doing all of the heavy lifting for you.

No Tricks. No Commission. No Exclusivity.