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Sell Smart With Bonza

Zero Commission, Full Broker Service

Sell Smart With Bonza

Bonza Business and Franchise Sales enables you to sell your business for a low fixed fee whilst we do all the hard work for you. Give your business sale the very best service with all the advertising you could need, a proven successful selling process followed, and professional experienced brokers handling your buyers. Whether you are selling for $50,000 or for $500,000, why pay thousands in commission when you can sell your business with Bonza!

Check out our service below or call us on 1300 266 922

Check out our service below or call us on 1300 266 922

The Full Sale Service

Everything You Need To Sell
$ 2990 +GST
  • Payment Plan Option Available
  • 6 Months Advertising - 9 Major Sites +
  • Professional Advertisement Creation
  • Business Appraisal Service Included
  • Experienced Sales Experts Handle Your Enquires
  • Business Profile Document Preperation
  • Ongoing Support From Bonza Sale Expert
  • Buyer Follow Up Service Throughout

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Complete Package

Everything You Need To Sell
$ 2990 +GST
  • Payment Plan Option Available
  • 6 Months Advertising - 9 Major Sites +
  • Professional Advertisement Creation
  • Business Appraisal Service Included
  • Experienced Sales Experts Handle Your Enquires
  • Business Profile Document Preperation
  • Ongoing Support From Bonza Sale Expert
  • Buyer Follow Up Service Throughout

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This is a great question, as you are probably wondering how can we charge just $2990+GST when selling through a broker costs tens of thousands of dollars?

One aspect is that we don’t have the expenses – We pass our savings on to you

You no longer need to be listed with a local office to get sold. Its a common misconception that having a local broker is important when selling. Remember, all your buyers need from your sale representative is your information in a clear format and quickly, and their questions answered when asked. 

Most buyers prefer not to meet a broker, as they know the brokers opinion is bias to getting the business sold (even more so when there is a commission at stake). 

So we don’t have the costs that come with having business brokerage offices all over Australia allowing us to save on the physical office expenses, and pass this saving onto you. 

We provide a national business sale system that give your business all of the tools and experience needed to get your business sold, plus we do the heavy lifting for your sale too. 

We answer all of your buyer enquiries, and execute the entire sale process from our Head Quarters located at The Innovation Centre on The Sunshine Coast. 

Your buyers book in appointments with us via our website, and these are scheduled on the phone or Skype instantly, getting their questions answered faster, allowing them to make a decision quickly. 

Buyers love the speed and accessibility, and our clients love the cost saving. 

The second aspect is simple – there is no reason that selling your business should cost you tens of thousands of dollars. 

It simply doesnt need to. 

Most buyers are now looking online at businesses for sale and simply want information and answers fast. 

With modern systems and applications we are able to provide them everything they need from one office FAST which means there’s no need to pay any commissions on sale.  

Investing into the best marketing for your business, making sure it is professionally represented, and having experienced representatives deal with your enquiries is important to getting a good result. 

Buyers want information fast, and their questions answered quickly. They need your business information quickly, and in a clear format. 

That is the service we provide to your buyers. 

Gone is the need to have a local representative to meet for 2 hour coffee conversations with all of your buyers. Its simply old school and slows down your result. 

The buyers don’t like it, and its no longer necessary.

Our Complete Package provides extensive advertising, we prepare a Business Profile document to explain your business to buyers clearly and how to make an offer on your business, and we deal with your enquiries for you until they are qualified and ready to talk to you and make an offer. 

Not at all, and it will save you from a $15,000+ invoice which would have been paid simply for a handshake.

Its a common misconception that having a local representative is important to your sale, but it absolutely is not, and here’s why. 

The business sale process can now be done more efficiently and effectively using current software and systems, and you get to save on a massive commission check on sale. 

Think about it for a second…

“Well how do you see my business to complete an appraisal” 

There is no need to view a business to appraise it. Buyers will base their offers on either your financials, the opportunity of your business or the cost to set it up. We do the same. 

“Ok, so how do you meet with my buyers?” 

Buyers don’t need to, and most simply dont want to meet with a broker face to face to discuss a business. Its slow, and to be blunt, buyers know that the broker has a “vested interest” in them buying the business no matter what the cost.

When looking to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on one of the biggest decision of their lives, buyers can’t be sold your business by a salesman. They need to want to buy it.

What buyers want from your business sale representative is to be dealt with quickly once they enquire, make sure the confidentiality process is easy, and to receive your business information in a clear and easy to understand format – explaining not only your business opportunity, but the process to buying your business too. 

After this, the buyer needs to be able to speak to your sales representative as soon as they’re ready to get their questions answered. 

Our Complete Package provides all of this for you and a lot more. 

The serious buyers that get through each of these steps will simply want to have a chat with you about your business and possibly see the business outside of hours (which we organise for you at a time that suits you, and provide an agenda for), then they have everything they want to make an offer. 

Nobody knows the business better than you, the buyers know that. 

Don’t worry, you wont be meeting with lots of buyers. Out of 20 enquiries, you’ll likely talk to 1 – 3 buyers in total, all of which have had the complex questions answered by us. 

We understand it is comforting to have your sales rep close to you. But it is only that. A comfort. It makes zero difference in the sale process but will cost you tens of thousands of dollars in commission…simply for a handshake.

Just like many other businesses, our business relies on word of mouth and great reviews to survive. Without them we wont hit our goals of being Australia’s #1 business selling choice. We want you to tell all of your friends how great we were and how much money you saved. 

You are also paying for the aspects of our service. Just like you pay your telephone bill and you’re still able to make calls every day, your investment into a Bonza package buys you a powerful level of marketing and much more.

Our systems keep you informed throughout the entire process allowing your to keep tabs on how we are working for you. 

There is no longer a need to be pay commission when you sell your business. 

Remember, a salesman can’t SELL a business to a buyer. Its too much of a life changing decision and investment. They must want to buy it. 

So how do you sell a business?

By advertising heavily, representing the business clearly, and by dealing with your buyers quickly so that they can feel confident to make a decision/offer faster. 

Step 1 – Select Your Payment Plan.

The first step is to select your preferred payment plan. You can either purchase your Complete Package in a single payment, or on a 17 week payment plan. Either way the service begins immediately. 

Once you’ve selected your plan, proceed to the cart page, then to checkout. We’ll need some information on the checkout page and a credit card to make a secure payment. 

Once your payment has been made, you’re on to step 2 – getting your advertising up and running.

Step 2 – Your Advertising Worksheet.

Once payment has been made you’ll receive an two emails from us (typically within 20-30 minutes). The first email outlining the steps moving forward to get you to market, the second will contain Step 2 – advertising worksheet.

Attached will be a simple Advertising Worksheet Document that requires completing and sending back to us. This is likely to take you 5 minutes as the information is simple. 

Once complete, simply send it back to us via email and our in-house copywriters will get straight to work on creating your draft advertisement.  

Step 3 – Draft Advertisement Confirmation.

Once your draft advertisement has been built (typically within 1-2 business days) it will be sent to you for confirmation. 

At this stage you can make any changes to the advert you would like, and finally let us know when you’re happy with it. Once we get the go-ahead from you, we will upload your advert to all 9 of the major business for sale websites and our experienced business sales experts can start to deal with your buyer enquiries. 

You can always request changes to your advertisement throughout the service whenever necessary. 

The next step is to get started on your Business Profile. 

Step 4 – Business Profile Creation.

Now that your advertising is up and running, the next step is to get your Business Profile built.

You’ll receive an email containing your Information Request Form. This will take you approximately 20-25 minutes to complete. It contains all of the general information about your business a buyer needs to know. You answer it once, so you don’t have to again. 

Once we have received this form, we will get to work on building your Business Profile Document. Typically this takes between 2-3 business days to create this. 

Again, you’ll receive a draft copy to look over. Once you’re happy with it, we will finalise the Business Profile and send it to all buyers that have signed confidentiality and who are waiting on your information. 

Step 5 – Financial Summary Creation (if applicable).

Now that we have your advertisements and Business Profile up and running, if applicable we will get to work on completing a financial summary of your business to represent it in the best possible light financially.

This stage may not be applicable for your business sale as your price may not be based on your financials, but if it is we will work to make sure your business is highlighted in the best possible light financially by showing your buyer an adjusted net profit after add-backs.

We do this by requesting a list of your financial documents (mainly profit and loss accounts & a year to date profit and loss). 

Step 6 – You Are On The Market

Your work is now done! 

Buyers are sent a confidentiality form to sign, then they are sent your Business Profile Document. Your experience Bonza sales expert follow up with all of your buyers every 2-3 days to answer any questions, weed out the tire kickers and find the serious buyers You’re kept up-to-date by the Bonza System receiving an email with each new enquiry and as each buyer progresses throughout the process. 

We will do our best to meet your specific needs. Just give us a call for a friendly chat on 1300 266 922.

No, there a no other charges. No hiden costs, and absolutely zero commission!

Whilst Bonza offers a full Business Sale System, we do not charge any commission. It’s that simple.

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At Bonza we make selling your business or franchise so much easier. With no commissions, no hidden fees and just one low fixed fee, you are in great hands with Bonza.

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