Farmers Markets Sold

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Something that Bonza is very transparent about from the start is that the process of selling a business typically takes at least four to six months. We like to advise owners on the best way to set practical expectations for the sale, remembering that we have everything ready for the right buyer, but this process … Continue reading →

Adult Ecommerce Sells For Second Time

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A change in circumstances meant Elizabeth needed to sell her newly purchased online business much sooner than she ever anticipated. When buying a business, you don’t expect to be selling it again 12 months later but unfortunately sometimes things change. Restoring this business back to its former glory was Elizabeth’s dream. Buying herself the perfect … Continue reading →

Another Happy Cafe Owner

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New South Wales might be in lockdown but that’s not stopping buyers You may not believe it, but New South Wales and Victorian businesses are selling. With the support of their local community, many businesses are positively making their way through Covid, and this popular Gateshead café was no different. With the number of buyers … Continue reading →

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Web Hosting Business Sold

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Another Business Sold With No Face To Face Contact When it comes time to sell your business, it is not always possible to be face to face with your buyer and with continuing lockdowns this is now true more than ever. As Bonza continues to change the broker scene with virtual connectivity, working remotely has … Continue reading →

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Bridal Boutique Sold

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Walking down the aisle to a successful sale After Covid hit Melbourne hard, Michelle was worried she wouldn’t be able to sell her successful bridal business. The good news is, despite the current situation, it is possible to sell your business. It is important to put yourself in the buyers’ shoes and see if the … Continue reading →

Red Rooster Franchise Sells

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Persistence pays off for Michael and his Takeaway Franchise Michael’s story is one of persistence and patience. Many successful franchises has benefited many independent entrepreneurs because they offer a tried and tested business model. So, there are still many buyers out there looking for the right franchise. Reinforcing that with the right price and patience, … Continue reading →

Tile Restoration Business Sells

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Selling Your Business Yourself, But Having No Success? Selling a business can take a lot of effort and time and we understand that selling your business can be stressful and may not always deliver the results you are looking for. When Daniel approached Bonza, he had been trying to sell his business himself. With the help of … Continue reading →

What drives business sales?

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As brokers we are often asked “how long will it take a business to sell?” and “how the market is for business sales?” The answers are not straightforward and are to some extent mutually dependant. The “how long” can be dependent on the ability of the interested buyer to identify the business, perceived value for … Continue reading →

Successful Online Business Sold

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Katie called Bonza in March 2021 to enquire about selling her online hamper business because she had decided she would like to spend some time with her family. In today’s digital era, the popularity of running a business online has increased hugely over recent years due to the huge demand for online services and products … Continue reading →

Brent’s Restaurant Sold

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Brent knows what customers want; from the high level of service from staff, the quality of the food expected and to the ambience people look for when dining at a dining restaurant and this is what he created in his Mudgee business. When Brent decided he wanted to sell and move on to a new … Continue reading →