From Stagnation to Successful Business Sale with Bonza Business Brokers

In the dynamic world of business sales, the choice of broker can make all the difference. A recent success story exemplifies this, highlighting how a struggling newsagency transformed its fortunes by switching to Bonza Business & Franchise Sales.

For three years, a local newsagency was listed with another business broker, during which time it received a meager two enquiries. This lack of interest was disheartening for the owners, who were eager to sell their business and move on to new ventures. The minimal engagement from potential buyers suggested a need for a change in strategy, prompting the newsagency to seek a new approach.

Enter Bonza Business & Franchise Sales. Known for their innovative marketing strategies and comprehensive support, Bonza was the breath of fresh air the newsagency needed. Within just 12 months of listing with Bonza, the newsagency experienced a dramatic turnaround in fortunes. The listing garnered four solid offers, a testament to Bonza’s effective marketing and sales approach. This heightened interest was not just a morale booster for the owners but also a clear indication of the market’s potential interest in their business.

The journey with Bonza culminated in a successful sale, marking a significant milestone for the newsagency’s owners. This achievement was not just about the sale itself but also about the process. Bonza’s transparent and supportive approach made the journey smoother and more efficient. The owners were not just passive observers in the sales process; they were active participants, guided by Bonza’s expertise.

This success story is a powerful reminder of the impact a skilled and dedicated business broker can have. For two years, the newsagency languished on the market, largely unnoticed -the vendors were seriously considering closing the doors and walking away empty-handed.   The switch to Bonza Business & Franchise Sales reinvigorated interest in the business, leading to a successful sale that seemed unattainable before.

Bonza’s approach is characterized by a comprehensive marketing strategy that ensures listings reach the widest possible audience. Their use of technology, combined with traditional sales techniques, ensures that the businesses they represent are showcased in the best light. This strategy was effective for the newsagency, transforming its sales prospects dramatically.

For business owners considering the sale of their business, this story is an encouraging sign. It highlights the importance of choosing the right broker, one that not only understands the market but is also committed to their clients’ success. Bonza Business & Franchise Sales has proven itself as such a broker, turning potential stagnation into a successful sale.

And, as a bonus, the owners saved $9,000 in commission by using Bonza rather than a traditional broker.

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