Creating a killer advert

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Where you advertise and how you do it is only thing standing in the way of talking to potential buyers about your business or not. 

You can’t sell a secret, so the first and most important tip of all is make sure you really are for sale by advertising as widely as you can. This means, get an ad on all of the major business for sale websites. You don’t want to miss out on a serious buyer simply because that buyer prefers to use a website that you’re not currently on. Here are the major ones worth covering, plus our own site and Facebook:  

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Now you might thinking Iis expensive to advertise on all of those sites, and you’re right. But its important to ask yourself, is it more expensive to miss out on serious buyers and risk not selling your business for another couple of years, or potentially ever? 

You probably invested a good amount of money into your business to get it started, probably a good chunk more over the years running it, don’t get suckered into thinking it can be sold for free. Whilst there is the odd story of a buyer walking in with the cash, for the absolute majority it takes some investment to get the job done. 

If you’d like some assistance with gaining access to the major business for sale sites, contact us today

Once you know where to advertise, you need a great ad so that you stand out from the crowd. Here are a few Bonza tips to building your ad so that it converts a web visitor into enquirer:

1) Use keywords that business seekers will use to search for your business. Put yourself in the buyers shoes and make a few searches, see what businesses show, and where you’d like your to come up. 

2) Be specific, factual and relevant – You don’t want to much text as you’ll put people off from reading it. Keep it short and punchy, you just need them to enquire.

3) Use alternate ad titles when you repost ads. Keep the ad looking fresh to those that are revisiting. 

4) Target the motivation of business seekers in your ad summary i.e. “be your own boss”, “escape the employed life” etc.

5) Comment about lifestyle, income and support. Give the enquirer an idea of what it will be like to run your business. 

6) Ensure your ads are in the correct industries to ensure they are seen by the right people.

Selling your business is not simple process, in fact, its safe to say the easiest part is getting the enquiries. Its the next stages where most business sales fall down. 

Once a buyer makes an enquiry, you need to make sure you have:

1) The right price on your business – If you’re priced to low, you will undersell, and if you are priced to high most buyers will simply not make further contact and you’ll lose serious buyers (why not book a free appraisal with a Bonza Sales Expert? You can do so by clicking here).

2) The right representation – Your documents need to be in order, and in one clean, easy to read place. What is given to your buyers makes the world of difference in moving them closer to making an offer. For more information on how to professional represent your business to buyers – click here.

3) You’re ready to support  – Most of your buyers will be buying for the first time and need all of the support and assistance they can get in order to confidently move forward on your business. Here’s some solid advice of how you, the business owner can make assist with this – click here.

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