Phoenix sells her online start-up business

Online start-up retail business sells – Make sure you have the best people on the job!

Entrepreneurs create start-ups for a variety of reasons. The thrill of transforming ideas into useful solutions and profitable businesses is at the top of the list. The unfortunate truth is that in some cases the owner’s circumstances can change or they simply lack the motivation to take the business to the next level.

What you may not be aware of is that your hard work does not need to go to waste, the demand for online businesses is there no matter what position they are in. Whether you are in the early start-up phase or well established, there is a buyer out there for you and it is only a matter of time before you can revel in the rewards of your hard work or simply recoup your investment.

Something that Bonza is very transparent about from the start is that the process of selling a business typically takes at least four to six months. We like to advise owners on the best way to set practical expectations for the sale, remembering that we have everything ready for the right buyer, but this process can take time and often patience, trust and persistence are required. 

Phoenix did just this and the end results speak for themselves.

When Phoenix approached Bonza to list her start-up retail business for sale, the team knew exactly how we were going to market the opportunity to attract the most attention. Explaining how our service takes care of the whole process for her by qualifying leads, finding serious buyers, and progressing them quickly through the sale, we were able to take the stress away.

Offering a solid online store along with a large supply of stock and an already developing customer base with raving reviews, this was the perfect opportunity for a buyer looking to step into the eCommerce space or a business owner wanting to expand their current product offerings.

Starting off strong this business listing received 68 enquiries. After 4 months of being on the market, an offer came in and a new owner had been found. Including diligence and settlement, this transaction took only 25 days.

Running a business and then also selling a business can be an unpredictable roller-coaster. It is important to have a strong team behind you that understands how to represent a business sale opportunity in any situation – this is where Bonza comes in.

Phoenix was a pleasure to deal with and we wish her all the best for the future.

Every business sale is different...

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