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Understanding the Queensland 491 Migration Visa

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The Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) offers migrants already in Queensland on a temporary visa a route to obtain an extended visa and permanent residency.  If you already own and operate a qualifying business then find a professional advisor and apply asap before the laws get updated. If you are considering purchasing a … Continue reading →

How Do You Assign or Transfer a Commercial Lease?

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There are usually two situations when a tenant will transfer (also known as an assignment) a commercial lease to another party (the assignee) before the end of a lease term: the tenant is selling their business, and the purchaser agrees to accept the existing lease rather than enter into a new lease with the landlord; or the tenant is proposing to exit … Continue reading →

Understanding Stock and Equipment Value

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Part of understanding your business value is to understand what assets are part of the operation of the business and which items are sold to generate revenue. This is also known as equipment and fixed assets on one hand or inventory and stock on the other.   A business is generally priced as “Plus Stock”. … Continue reading →

New Service Features

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Removing Limits, Expanding Service As we all continue to monitor the novel Corona-virus closely, as a company, we’ve been observing and thinking deeply about what actions we can take to be as helpful as possible to all Australian business owners who wish to sell their business. Here is what we came up with: 1) Unlimited … Continue reading →

Selling A Business Without Face-to-Face Contact

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Conducting Your Business Sale Remotely vs Face-to-Face Bonza Business & Franchise Sales have been successfully selling businesses nationally from our head office for many years. From the start, we have utilised virtual connectivity, combined with cloud-based systems to deliver a highly effective business sales process. This tried and tested, flexible business model, delivers real people, … Continue reading →

Understanding vendor financing

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One of the tends we see in business is that buyers are finding third party finance hard to achieve as the banks are unwilling lenders currently. Vendors are stepoping up to meet this gap providing vendor finance. If you are looking at vedor finance, what should you consider? Our legal partners LegalVision  offer this advice…. … Continue reading →