Tanya’s Cafe Just Sold

Food and hospitality, in particular cafes have always been a popular industry to buy. It also happens to be an industry that is flooding the market, and this can make “standing out from the crowd’ a challenge. 

It is important to have an eye catching and well written advert that promotes the unique characteristics of your café. You’re more likely to achieve your desired sale price if we can get more buyers interested, and if your buyer understands what makes your cafe special.

Tanya contacted Bonza after deciding she would like to sell her café she had been running for nearly 8 years. Her business was a very well-known gluten free, vegan café and Tanya wanted this to be showcased.

Tanya’s main drawcard for working with Bonza Business Sales was having a small business sales specialist manage the sales process, the access to a professional copy writer to design an attractive advertising campaign and having a dedicated broker working to get the best price for her business. 

She liked that fact that she didn’t have to deal with the daydreamers of the world, as it was the our job to qualify the interested buyers, find out how serious they are, discuss if they have the required funds, whether they have any café experience, their intentions, and most importantly make sure a confidentiality agreement was signed before any information was provided.

Just over 6 months and 16 inquiries later, we found Tanya’s buyer and they took ownership of the cafe. 

Widespread, professional, and alluring advertising will help your business to stand out in a crowd and attract the exact buyer you are looking for.

Every business sale is different...

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