Persistence pays off for Brad

As the title suggests, Brads story is one of persistence. Reinforcing that with the right price and patience, any business will sell.

Brad made the decision to approach us when he decided it was getting close to retirement time after 33 years. With that, he engaged us, enabling himself to focus on his industrial equipment business whilst we dealt with the sale in the background.

Brad made it clear to Bonza from the beginning that a premium price was the goal, so his time dealing with Bonza was a journey, not a sprint. 

The business spent just over a year on the market. During that time, we received 41 enquiries on the business and 6 offers. 

Whilst the business could have sold within a few months, Brad wasn’t ready to take anything less that his price goal. 

Sometimes finding the right buyer just takes a little more time. 

Brad easily saved over $30,000 in commission by choosing to go with Bonza Business & Franchise Sales. 

Enjoy your well-deserved retirement Brad and thanks for choosing Bonza.

Every business sale is different...

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