How do I sell my franchise business with a brokers tools and no agent, but not sell it by myself for free?

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Want to sell your franchise business?

Or do you have an independent business you want to sell?

There are several important questions you need to ask yourself if you ‘re going to save money and time. 

First, “How do I sell my franchise business without a broker?” 

Brokers are smart and know the business sale process, but you can pay a lot for their services and then a commission fee on top of that. Not the best way to save money thought typically costing a few thousand dollars upfront, and often a minimum of $15,000 in commission. 

Then you might ask “How do I sell my franchise business by myself?” 

Again, this is an option if you have a lot of time, energy and ideally experience in selling businesses. Until your franchise sells, however, you still need to run it. You’d be a lot better off to work with a company such as Bonza Business & Franchise Sales.

Selling your business for free is extremely difficult, as gaining access to real buyers requires advertising in places that cost money. Then dealing with your buyers to make sure they get to making an offer and finally buying the business is no easy task. 

The Bonza Complete Service provides you with the same essential services that a broker can, but at a much lower fee. 

You don’t have to worry about doing anything by yourself, we handle practically everything including excellent marketing that attracts serious potential buyers, preparing all documentation and much more

You won’t have to wonder “How do I sell my franchise with no agent?” because you don’t need an agent when you work with our talented team of business and franchise sale professionals.

What’s the trick to selling my franchise business with no broker?

There no trick. There are several simple rules to follow.

Take it seriously and sell your business as fast as possible. The longer it is on the market, the lower the likely price a buyer will offer. 

If you ask yourself, “Can I sell my franchise business for free?” Meaning can I do this by myself; you probably won’t be able to produce a sale quickly. 

You also need thorough documentation that a potential buyer can read and show their bank. That’s what our Business Profile Document is for. It highlights the best aspects of your franchise and answers almost every question a buyer or their banker could have.

Also keep your business working well. You want to devote as much time and energy as you can to your business during the period you’re marketing it. You want to keep sales growing or stable if possible and show that your franchise generates good income. That will help catch any potential buyer’s attention. 

Finally, you don’t have to let your staff know what’s happening. We can help you decide the best time to sit down with them and let them know about a potential sale.

Our goal is to help you sell your franchise business at a profit.

Better yet…to help you sell your franchise business as soon as possible at a profit. 

Remember, all this comes at a low cost with our Complete Package. Our team of talented professionals will work with you through every step of the sales process. We’ll give you our opinion about the value of your business, market it and present it professionally and deal with your buyer enquiries.

When you don’t want to use a broker or an agent, and you don’t want to do it by yourself for free, we are a choice worth exploring. 

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