34327 Popular Women's Fashion & Homewares Retailer

Nestled in the Central Coast of NSW, this renowned establishment has earned its status as the go-to destination for exclusive and stylish women’s fashion, complemented by a curated selection of homewares. A seamless transition into the digital landscape has elevated its prominence, showcasing a robust online presence and an e-commerce store that extends its influence far beyond the local community.

Held in high regard by the community, the store occupies a coveted position in a lively area where cafes entice patrons to enjoy leisurely lunches, and the dynamic strip encourages strolls and social interactions. The irresistible charm of this location stems from its remarkable foot traffic, establishing it as a central hub for both fashion enthusiasts and casual shoppers. Positioned strategically on a main road, the business enjoys outstanding visibility, attracting the attention of passing traffic. The added convenience of ample parking further enhances its appeal.

Behind the scenes, the day-to-day operations are seamlessly managed by a dedicated and efficient staff, minimizing the time commitment required from the owner. The business is on an upward trajectory, experiencing steady growth. However, the potential for even greater success awaits an owner who can invest more time and energy into its development.

Key features:

– Established itself as the foremost destination for exclusive and stylish women’s fashion.

– Boasts a robust online presence and an e-commerce store, expanding its customer base.

– Strategically situated on a main road, the business enjoys outstanding visibility and high foot traffic.

– Day-to-day operations are efficiently managed by staff, requiring minimal owner involvement.

This thriving business is ready for a new steward to take the reins and propel it to greater heights in the dynamic world of fashion retail. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this flourishing venture and shape its future success. Submit an enquiry today!

Property Code: 3712

  • Suburb Gosford
  • Price $19,000 Plus Stock
  • Property ID bonza_74_3449
  • Category Beauty Products, Beauty/Health, Clothing/Accessories, Homeware/Hardware, Retail
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