A sign of a return to more active buyer times…

At Bonza, we have noticed an increase of buyer enquiry after a notable slow down in March. We have also noticed more buyers asking questions and talking to us about specific opportunities they are looking for. Of course by being advertised across 8 sites our buyers benefit from any increase in enquiry, however i thought it worth sharing this from one of our advertising partners as third part proof of the increase in enquiry.

Any Business  

Dear Broker/ Agent,At a time like this, it would be easy for us to say ‘it’s business as usual’ but really it’s not, it can’t be, normal circumstances are no longer and Australia is facing arguably its biggest health, social and economic challenge since the 1940s.

As business owners and individuals however, it’s up to us to adapt to this fluid situation as best we can, to show strength, leadership and composure so that our clients can feel confident that the world is not actually imploding and that the market they find themselves in remains buoyant.

Despite these unprecedented and undeniably challenging times, we’re pleased to share with you, our valued partners, some pleasing statistics.

Over the past 2 weeks we have seen a 25% increase in general enquiries for businesses for sale through This figure has complimented a 23% overall increase in total traffic numbers to the site for the same time period – a pretty significant number considering the environment we are currently operating in.

Buyer enquiries on still directed towards cafe and takeaway businesses in particular hoewever during this time we have also since a spike in
– Online businesses
– Supermarkets
– Childcare centres
– Bottle shops
– Butcher shops
– Coin laundries
– Service stations

While we understand there is still a long way to go before buyer confidence really bounces back, we wanted to assure you that is working hard to ensure these numbers continue to grow and in-turn drive targeted buyers to your business listings.

As an industry leader, it’s times like these, when our clients need us most, that we like to separate ourselves from the rest. As part of this we’d like to invite you to email us with any good news stories you may have around a business sale or successful business pivot you’ve made in these new trading conditions that we can highlight across our website.

Please send emails to so that we can celebrate your ‘wins’ via a good news blog or press release.

Our business has always been based on people and delivering the finest client experience, so if you have any questions or queries during these uncertain times, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service line on 0419 871 204.

We look forward to working with you through this tough time so that we can all enjoy the good times that are sure to follow.


Mary Tamvakologos