How long will it take to sell my business?

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Sell My Business Australia

This is the most common question we get asked and unfortunately it is the only one we can not answer with certainty. We’ve seen businesses sell in as little as 3-4 weeks and others take several months. You have some control over the length of time it takes, the key is to make sure you are doing the following 3 elements correctly as they can directly affect the sales result.

These keys are:

• Expose your business to the marketplace, make sure you are advertised widely, ensuring as many buyers as possible can see your ad
• Make sure your business is represented professionally. Most buyers are first timers so the easier you make it to understand your business, the more comfortable they’ll feel moving forward
• Make sure you are priced correctly, if you are close enough to their idea of fair value they will feel confident enough to make an offer

If you tick these three points to the best of your ability it’ll happen in the shortest time possible.

Its these three keys that our service provide. Bonza Business and Franchise Sales provide business owners all the tools, support an expertise that’s needed to sell their business but at a fraction of the cost of a typical business broker.

How to Sell Your Business in Australia Fast

Our Complete Package Includes:

• Help your set your price for the business based on three different appraisal methods.
• Create a professional advert that will attract serious buyers for your business
• Advertise your business for sale across the top eight major for sale websites, and our own website. We also advertise you through Facebook and buyer matching through our own buyer database until sold.
• Create what’s called your custom Business Profile document. This is the document that contains all the information your buyer needs to make a decision to buy your business, and everything they need to make an offer. They receive this once they sign a confidentiality form.
• We take care of all your buyer enquiries for you. We are experienced with dealing with buyers, by qualifying the buyers we are able to buyer match previous enquiries in our data base to your business.
• Our Business Sales Experts will follow up with your buyers every 2- 3 business days to weed out the time wasters and find those that are serious, progressing them to make an offer.

It’s completely normal to exhibit a sense of urgency to sell once you’ve made that decision. The process of selling a business isn’t something an owner really anticipates and can then lead to unrealistic expectations and disappointment. However, luck and good timing can assist in some cases, the majority choose Bonza because we tick all the boxes.

If you need help setting your price, don’t hesitate to talk to us about how we can do it for free by contacting us here.

Sell My Business Australia