Why commission does not help get your business sold!

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At Bonza, We charge fair prices to small business owners looking to sell, starting from as little as $3,990+GST. 

We have over 20 years’ experience in the market and have analysed the market data. In fact you could do this yourself if you have a few weeks to spare.

As an example looking at a player who claims to lead the market, they have sold 33 businesses valued up to $1m in the six month period reviewed from an average listing volume of 623 over the period. That is a 5.3% success rate. Annualised 10.6%. Not great, but unfortunately industry average.

Interestingly they have sold 16 businesses in the range from $1m to $2.5m from a total of 139 listings, which is 11.5% or 23% annualised. A great result, more than double their performance in the sub $1m category.

However, if you are a business below $1m valuation, where is the focus and service of this broker? On the bigger businesses that offer a bigger payday.

So does a commission driven broker really work for you as a small business owner?

After all it is basic human instinct to do more for the bigger pay check and as a smaller business you would expect less service, as shown by the stats above.

This is what motivated us to start a commission free, flat fee service, where everyone receives excellent service! Everyone is broadly advertised, every enquiry gets the same fast response, every seller gets a great business profile produced within 2 working days and every enquiry gets this sent to them within 24 hours of completing a confidentiality agreement. We follow-up on a pre-planned schedule and give ongoing feedback to sellers. We sort out the wheat from the chaff and we get results.

Ask yourself, why are you paying commission again?

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