Ecommerce Business Sells

With a passion for helping people feel better during day-to-day life, Tracey came across a product that would no doubt grow in popularity. From there, her magnesium business was born.

After operating for 7 years, Tracey decided that she would put more time into her family and other passions, so the decision to list the business for sale was made.

Bonza Business and Franchise Sales was there to help! By offering a full broker service, Tracey was able to focus her attention on the business, while we worked in the background to get the business sold.

Bonza was there to handle all of Tracey’s enquiries by answering buyer questions and facilitating buyer meetings and offers.

The business only lasted 74 days on the market with 41 enquiries and 5 offers on the business.

By using Bonza Business and Franchise Sales Tracey continued to run her business whilst the sale was handled completely for her, and it paid off saving her thousands of dollars!

Every business sale is different...

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