Doggy Day Care Sells

Mishie fell in love with the idea of opening a doggy day-care and her dream came to life on Valentines Day 2017 when she started the business.

After 3 ½ years of operation and having built a strong and loyal customer base, Mishie decided it was time have a life change and move onto something new.

With a great location close to Melbourne CBD and the strong customer base we knew this was going to be an appealing business to potential buyers.

During Mishie’s journey, the enquiries came flying in with 51 during the 165 days she was listed with Bonza.

Fast forward to December 27th 2020, Mishie received a slightly late Christmas present with the sale of her business, saving around $8,000 by using Bonza! Not bad for a small business sale.

Every business sale is different...

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