Ty’s Cafe Sells

Customer retention should be the goal for any business owner. Client preservation and possible referral strategies should start during the initial transaction. It is important to provide exceptional customer service, build rapport, trust and a genuine relationship with the clients you deal with because the next time they need the same service, you’ll be their first point of call.

This was exactly why Ty contacted Bonza Business & Franchise Sale’s about selling a café he owned on the Sunshine Coast, this business would go on to be his second business sold using the Bonza’s successful full broker service. Not only did Ty enlist Bonza’s expertise for a second time but he also referred multiple business owners to our service who also achieved great results. 

Ty’s second café was listed on the and we experienced a slow start due to the unfortunate timing of the COVID-19 outbreak. From the beginning of May, the enquiry went through the roof and within no time we were inundated with requests for more information about buying this business. The café settled in November for $48,000 and had a total of 95 enquires during this time.

The team at Bonza Business & Franchise Sales have a customer focussed culture and with our ongoing, proven service we will continue to strive and build strong advocates like Ty. We thank him for his ongoing support and wish him all the best with future endeavours.

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