Restaurant/Takeaway Shop Sold

Businesses that come to market and are fully staffed or under management are very popular because the future owner has the opportunity to invest limited time in the daily operations of the business and can focus more time on growing the businesses profits. This was the situation for our most recent sale of Clint’s Restaurant located west of Sydney.

When Clint called Bonza in February 2020 he had already been listed on an “advertising only” package through another agency for several months and was tired of dealing with the time wasters and non-responders himself. He and the team at Bonza discussed the sale and we knew exactly how we were going to market this in-demand business opportunity to attract the most attention to his listing as well as how our service takes care of the whole process for him by qualifying leads, finding serious buyers and progressing them quickly through the sale.

Bonza found the buyer, supported them through the decision-making process by providing them professional and relevant information about the business, arranged meetings with the owner and offered support throughout. The whole process from Clint’s initial enquiry, including diligence and settlement took 7 months, even during the pandemic.

Buying this type of business can be a good investment option if you do not have the time to spend working in the business yourself. This business listing had 66 enquiries; this is a great result during what turned out to be extraordinary times with what was happening in the world. Clint was a pleasure to deal with and we wish him all the best for the future.

Every business sale is different...

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