Neil’s Web Design Business Just Sold

Neil was a trained graphic designer, a self-taught web page creator and decided to one day start a home-based web design business to service the greater Geelong region. After 10 strong years he had established long term contracts, a history of recurring revenue, a large database of loyal clients and excellent SEO, but he was ready for another challenge and decided to contact Bonza to discuss his options.

When Neil called Bonza, it was explained that in order to market his web design business to attract as many people as possible he will either need the business to run completely independent without the need of him there, have systems and processes in place that won’t require a lot of work from the new owner to learn or an extended handover period to be offered to allow time for easy transition to take place.

After Neil agreed that he was happy to mentor the new owner if required, Bonza got to work on marketing this excellent opportunity for sale. Whether a person was new to the industry, a competitor or a complementary service provider, the professional marketing made sure to speak to as many different kinds of potential buyers as possible so we had a best chance of finding the new owner in the shortest timeframe possible.

This advert’s success was proven after receiving a massive 118 enquires.

As it turned out, the person who brought Neil’s web design business was someone who did not have any experience in the industry but had a keen interest and basic understanding of computer theory.

By using Bonza Business and Franchise Sales Neil saved himself thousands of dollars in commission and achieved the result he was after.

Every business sale is different...

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