Dom’s Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control

After 7 years in the carpet cleaning and pest control industry Dom had built up an excellent reputation around the Gold Coast region. He had built up a solid client base to keep himself busy, was making a decent income but had also lost his passion and wanted a change. This is when Dom decided to call Bonza because this was his first time selling and he didn’t know where to start.

Dom owned and ran the business by himself and Bonza was able to break the whole process down, so it was simple and easy to understand. They explained the best approach to price and market the business opportunity to potential buyers. This industry requires a buyer to hold or obtain a specific permit to legally provide the services. Dom also owned a van which he used to transport all of the equipment, this needed to be priced and included in the package as well.

During his journey Domenic received 21 enquiries, the first enquiry was received five days after the advert went live. Bonza were there to handle all of the enquiries by answering any buyer questions and facilitating offers.

Bonza kept Dom informed every step of the way, offering guidance around pricing to suit the market during COVID and simple ways to boost interest. After several months a sale was achieved, and Dom couldn’t have been happier with the result.

Every business sale is different...

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