Two Online Retail Stores Just Sold

It comes as no surprise that e-commerce is growing at an unprecedented rate all over the world, with Covid-19 playing a major role in an impressive increase in online spending habits. Quarantine orders forced consumers to create new buying behaviors, with families opting for online ordering of groceries, apparel, and entertainment, many reluctant to go back to old shopping habits in fear of getting sick.

Unexpectedly, isolation has helped alleviate the severe time shortages many people faced. This has not only been seen in the increase of online spending but also the sudden aspiration in finding a new career venture, in particular a huge demand for established online businesses for sale.

Just this week alone, two online retail businesses that have been listed with Bonza settled after being on the market for under 6 months. Both businesses were flooded with inquiries the moment their advertising went live.

Individual Statistics:

  1. Anna’s Online Homewares Store

-Total inquiries, 105

-Length of time on the market, 5.5 months


  1. Jodie’s Online Baby Goods Store

-Total inquiries, 74

-Length of time of the market, 4.5 months

An online entrepreneur can start from scratch and build an online business from the ground up. From a starting point they will need to decide on their niche, set up a website, build an email list, market the product, write blog posts, create content, research reliable suppliers and shipping, the list goes on. It can take quite a long time before a new online business will start making money and become profitable, not to mention the time and effort that goes into it.

The alternative is to buy an existing already established online business for sale. The inquiry numbers above demonstrate the enormous demand that this industry holds, and this will only continue to increase. 

Every business sale is different...

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