Gavin’s Carpet & Pest Business Sold

If an owner is wanting to sell and achieve a great value for their business, it’s all about standing out from the crowd and alleviating any potential risk for a potential buyer. When you have a specialised service business like pest control there are certainly some pros that are going to put them ahead of the game:

-Having a great reputation, pest control is a highly competitive industry therefore a company’s reputation will ensure its continued success after the sale.

-Situated in a great location, the geographical area plays a large part in the amount of work the business receives.

-Contracts in place, recurring revenue is what every business strives for and a pest control business with long term agreements will go straight to the top of the pile.

-Plant and equipment quality, the service industry is flooded with new and improved equipment that is designed to make day to day operations more efficient. When a business invests in these positive changes it will only look better for the buyer.

Gavin’s Gold Coast carpet cleaning and pest management business ticked all of these boxes, combining that with Bonza’s proven business sales strategy and it is no wonder we achieved a sale in a great time frame, even during a worldwide pandemic!

From start to finish, the whole process took just under eight months. Gavin’s adverts went live, and we had our first inquiry the very next day. The adverts continued to perform well and generate a massive 26 inquiries before the business settled.

Having a terrific business is one thing but it is the full sales service that Bonza provides that is making success stories like Greg’s a common occurrence. 

Every business sale is different...

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