Karen’s Two Health Bars Sell

Health, well-being and nutrition have been consistently trending for over a decade, with more consumers these days searching for a fresh, healthy meal alternative than your typical fast food.

So, it’s no wonder Karen and Mark’s Queensland based superfood café and juice bar was so successful. The rapid increase in popularity that this café received meant they had the ability to expand their store to a second location after just two years of operating.

As this renowned brand grew in size and popularity, unfortunately Karen’s health took a turn for the worse. This family had an incredibly hard decision to make, which ultimately lead them to research the option of selling their much-loved cafés to focus more time on their family and own wellbeing. 

The role of a broker is to support the seller and professionally represent the business sale to completion. While it is very important to be honest and provide accurate guidance to set up realistic expectations, it is also essential to approach situations like ‘reluctant sales’ with tact and empathy. This is something that the team at Bonza Business and Franchise Sales are very good at, and why Karen and Mark felt comfortable to list their businesses.

One thing that Bonza are very open about from the initial stages of selling is that the process of achieving a successful business sale is often a journey, not a sprint. Bonza’s complete business broking service ensures that buyers and sellers are supported and taken care of through all stages of the sale process, but there are still aspects that are out of their control – time. It is unknown when the right buyer is going to come along.

The two cafés were packaged up for sale together as well as available to purchase separately if the buyer desired. This sale was the perfect example that patience and persistence pays off, from start to finish, the two sales were on the market for a total of 375 days. This listing had a massive 55 inquiries during this time and the cafes were sold to two separate buyers. It can be hard waiting for people to make a decision, but your perseverance will pay off in the end.

Karren and Mark never lost hope that their buyer was out there and the team at Bonza worked tirelessly until the job was done.

Every business sale is different...

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