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"How Do You Successfully Sell A Business?"

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1. Get Professionally Prepared

Buyers are going to have questions and it’s best to have the answers ready to go. Ideally most of your buyer’s questions can be answered in one document leaving them with a clear picture of your business. A service like ours ensures all the boxes are ticked in advance leading to a smoother and faster process.

2. Fish Where The Fish Are

It’s never been easier to find buyers for businesses than it is today, but You Cant Sell A Secret! Making sure your business opportunity can be found on the major business for sale websites is a must. A database of active buyers is also a major benefit. Remember, the name of your business doesn’t need to be on your ads, but wide exposure is critical.

3. Qualify And Filter

Not every “buyer” is a buyer so qualifying your enquiries is important. The brokerage you choose to sell your business should be experts in qualifying and filtering, giving the right amount of information when requested, but knowing when to draw a line in the sand and progress the buyers to an offer. 

4. Keep The Ball Rolling

If water sits for too long, it stagnates. So does your buyer’s interest. Keep the deal moving forward through a tried and tested process throughout your sale. A light amount of pressure is important for your buyers to make decisions in a reasonable timeframe. The broker you choose should have these systems in place, and experience to match.

5. Support Your Buyer Process

Once you know you have a serious buyer, act on their reasonable requests. Once a price is agreed, your buyer needs to be pre-framed to the steps ahead and have their hand held throughout the sale process just like you. This significantly increases your likelihood of a successful sale.

6. Celebrate Your Sale

The contract process can be complex at times. Ideally you will have a solicitor that has experience in business transactions to assist in a smooth transaction. Your brokerage should be able to recommend one to you whilst managing the third parties throughout this process until your contract completes.

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The Bonza Sale Process

Here's how we do it all for you...

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We Love Selling Businesses And Our Clients Do Too!

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"What Is The Bonza Selling System?"

"Streamlined Sale Process Saves Business Owners $10,000+"

We Are A Service Focused Brokerage
Leveraging The Best People & Systems To
Achieve The Results You Need!

Bonza Business & Franchise Sales was created for business owners just like you to sell their business using powerful advertising, professional representation, and a service that is second to none, without giving away so much of your hard earned money!

What's Included:

Once you decide to go ahead, we can have your business on the market within 24 hours!

We'll create you an excellent advert and fish where the fish are, discretely promoting your business across:

8 top business for sale websites, plus our own.

Our database of active buyers (5,000+)

Buyer matching to new buyers (we deal with around
700 brand new buyers per month)

Social media - Facebook paid targeted post

First impressions are everything, so we dress your business to impress making sure yours stands out in the market.

We handle the whole process for you - doing all the heavy lifting whilst guiding you throughout.

Our dedicated broker sales team only deal with business sales. No time is wasted seeking new clients.

We commit to selling your business UNTIL SOLD.

Low fair flat fee on sale.

Where You'll Be Advertised

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eden exchange
# New Buyers Per Month
Bonza's Active Buyer Database
Average Commission Saving ($)

How Your Business Will Be Represented

We prepare your business for sale by building your own personalised Business Profile Document which which our buyers love! Your BP:

Presents your business in the best possible light, explaining your value to your buyers.

Allows your buyers to easily understand your business, leading to a quicker and more certain process.

Each buyer enquiry is handled within 1 hour, and your Business Profile is sent to them within 24 hour of signing a confidentiality form GUARANTEED.

"The information provided in the Business Profile they provide is good and has helped us make a fast decision".

Alison, M. - Business Buyer

"The business profile package for potential buyers and screening process is 2nd to none".

Sean, P. - Business Seller

We Guarantee A Fast & Reliable Service

Maximum Time It Takes Bonza To Handle Each Buyer Enquiry:


Minutes (24/7)

Maximum Time It Takes Your Buyer To Receive Your Business Profile:


Hours (24/7)

Rachel S. - Bonza Client

“As Bonza is a Commission Free service I expected less service than a regular broker charging much more. I have been amazed that they have by far out serviced every broker we have ever dealt with, providing ongoing updates as to what is going on and a high level of communication.”

Aidan B. - Bonza Client

“Bonza accurately assisted me to set my sale price, gained us great exposure to buyers, built us an excellent document to represent our business, and worked hard to achieve our sale. Thanks for the service guys.”

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