How Do I Sell My Bar? The Answer Lies with Bonza Business & Franchise Sales

How Do I Sell My Bar? The Answer Lies with Bonza Business & Franchise Sales

If you’re asking the question, “How do I sell my bar,” you’re likely receiving the answer that you should work with a business broker who handles real estate and franchise sales. Another response you’ve probably heard is that you can do it yourself and avoid working with high-profile brokers and brokerage firms. However, maybe you haven’t heard there’s an option that’s the best of both worlds, offering you cost efficiency closer to DIY as well as the professionalism and experience of a broker. It’s not too good to be true. This option exists, and Bonza Business & Franchise Sales are an excellent option.

Our business is selling your business, and we do it through a unique model that is essentially the midpoint between DIY and brokers. While brokers charge hefty upfront fees as well as post-sale commission which could be upwards of 15% of the sale price, Bonza asks for just one low, flat rate to handle every aspect. We don’t charge any commission, yet still, offer high-quality service to sell your business. We understand the secrets to a successful sale, including focused advertising, thorough appraisal to find the right sale price, as well as prompt handling of buyer enquiries. Through all this and more, we’ll sell your bar and get you the best profit possible for the property. No brokers required.

“How do I sell my bar?” You can officially stop asking that question because we have the answers. To discuss our sales process and any questions you may have, call us on 1300 266 922 or complete the contact form.