Paying Nothing Could Cost You Everything

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Whilst the free websites have the obvious benefit of costing nothing upfront, most businesses simply don’t sell, and those that do often severely undersell. 

Which if you really want to exit your business, is the biggest cost of all. 
At Bonza we certainly believe in the more coverage your business sale can get, the better. 
But whatever you do, don’t forget…

#1: The websites that generate the most serious buyer enquiry, charge to sell your business there.

Frustrating, but unavoidable.
It’s not uncommon to receive “enquiries” through the free sites but you may have already discovered first hand that rarely are they serious buyers looking to buy. 

#2: If you don't get very much quality enquiry through free/cheap websites, it doesn't mean you've tested the market.

Far from it.
Real buyers are using the major business for sale websites. Until you advertise widely, you wont know how the market will receive your business.

#3: Don't assume that your price is too high if it's not selling.

Whilst your price is one of the essential aspects to achieving a successful sale, it is only one key out of three keys.
A decision like reducing your price should only be made once you’ve spoken to several serious buyers and gained feedback. 
If you are unsure of your sale price, click here and book in a free, no-obligation appraisal with a Bonza Sales Expert today. A second opinion can never hurt. 

So why is not investing into your sale the most costly thing you could do?

The most costly outcome for business owners using cheap or free sites (or brokers for that matter) is never actually selling, followed by underselling.

The free websites can trick you into feeling like you’re for sale and testing the market place. 

But the reality is you’re not giving your business a chance to sell, barely exposing your advert to the buyer marketplace. 

Those luckily enough to sell, rarely achieve even close to their true market worth. 

Advertising on a site where viewers can also buy a second hand washing machines and bicycles is no place for a business – more importantly its no place for a real buyer to look. 

Your business is needle in a haystack and there are hundreds of haystacks. 

So what should I do?

Make sure you’re advertising on the two top websites at the very least Seekbusiness & Commercial Real Estate Business Sales. These two make up 40-45% of all Bonza Buyer Enquiry.

You can advertise on these 2 major sites and 7 others and save thousands with our package. Plus, we do all the hard word for you.


If you missed it, you can start by learning a little more about what it takes to achieve a successful sale…

Plus the tools your business can use to FAST TRACK your sale.  

You have an asset that you have invested time, money and energy into. 

It’s just a matter of being exposed in all the best places possible to find that buyer. 

Here’s one of our Bonza Client Success Managers Oliver to explain more…