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Bonza Business & Franchise Sales.

We create and actively manage your advertisements on all of the major business for sale websites, prepare your business for sale and progress your enquiries to sale so you can relax knowing all is being dealt with.

We pride ourselves on our communication with our clients, and the speed in which we handle your buyer enquiries.

About Us

Effortless Business Sales with Bonza

Bonza Business & Franchise Sales was founded to simplify and reduce the costs of selling small to medium businesses. Traditional brokers charge high fees and commissions, making sales impractical for many owners.

We offer a full-service solution with advanced advertising, professional business profiles, and efficient buyer management. Our approach ensures continuous updates and feedback, qualifying buyers quickly to complete your sale.

With Bonza, you get comprehensive support without high commissions, keeping more of your hard-earned proceeds. Welcome to a smarter way to sell your business.

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Accurate business valuation to determine the optimal selling price based on market analysis and financial performance.


Targeted advertising on major platforms to attract potential buyers and generate maximum interest in your business.


Comprehensive preparation of your business for sale, ensuring all documentation and details are ready for buyers.


Strict confidentiality measures to protect your business information and maintain privacy throughout the selling process.

Business Profile

Creation of detailed business profiles showcasing strengths and potential to entice prospective buyers.

Buyer Handling

Professional handling of all buyer inquiries, ensuring prompt and effective communication to maintain interest.


Skilled negotiation strategies to achieve the best possible terms and price for your business sale.


Expert assistance in drafting and reviewing contracts to ensure a smooth and legally sound transaction.

What We Do

We felt disappointed that we could not help, often leaving business owners to try to sell their business on their own, without the know-how and advertising options of a business broker or using the services of a broker.

Why Choose Us

A service where all of the heavy lifting is done for you, with updates and reporting in place so you are kept informed throughout.

With state of the art advertising across 8 top business listing sites and more, with a professionally produced business profile document, and with buyer enquiry handled quickly and efficiently ensuring that the business is advertised as broadly as possible, buyers receive instant feedback on the enquiries they make, and are given the information they need to proceed as quickly. We qualify, filter and progress your buyers until your sale occurs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Three simple but important things; Firstly, our results. We sell a business every 48 hours. Secondly, we leverage technology, automation and Al which maximises your sale price. Lastly, because we're so efficient we don't have to charge as much commission which means you get to keep more of your sale price.

Almost every business has a buyer, it just comes down to price. This is true for both the largest and smallest businesses we deal with. In some cases, Sellers just want to get out of a lease whilst others are selling in the millions. In our experience, if a business is trading, then it's saleable.

Because our team is so efficient and leverage technology so well, we're able to offer clients commissions at half the rate of other brokers. On the successful sale of your business we only charge a commission of 4.4% including GST. Most other brokers are charging 9% and higher.

Some businesses sell within a couple of weeks of listing, others can take a few months. Typically a well prices, well presented business should sell in less than six months. If it's taking longer it's because the price is too high and or there wasn't the right investment in marketing.

We're very confident in our selling process and system. When clients follow our data backed advice and guidance, we're able to achieve incredible results in short spaces of time. This means pricing the business correctly, marketing it well.


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Sarah K. Operations Director

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Results count.

BusinessStateBuyer EnquiriesSale Price
Espresso Bar WA2200,000
Café QLD22531,000
Café NSW36135,000
Restaurant NSW185400,000
Espresso Bar NSW23165,000
Café SA154150,000

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