Interested in selling a small or franchise business?

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When the time comes for you to think about selling a small business, there are several directions you can take. You can hire a broker. Brokers provide many services, but too often those services come at a high cost. That’s only part of what you’ll pay because there is still a 5-10% commission fee tagged onto any final sale – a little hard on the bank account and reducing your profit. You could try to do it all by yourself and not pay anything. You’ll need to handle all the marketing, and document preparation, finding a buyer, then handling the sale. More than a bit difficult if you’re also trying to run the business at the same time – you just can’t leave it to do all these needed tasks. What you need is a company that will handle all these tasks for you for a fair low fee. That means you need to work with Bonza Business & Franchise Sales.

We have a highly-qualified team of business and franchise sale professionals waiting to help you, and here’s the best part – you only pay a low fixed fee for our services based on your sale price. No percentage commission tagged on at the end, and no headaches from having to do everything on your own. We handle all the critical parts of the entire process of selling a business, and you’ll know about every step of the process.

Selling a franchise business on your own is time-consuming

Selling a franchise business or any small business takes time and energy. It’s one of the many excellent reasons that working with us makes so much sense. Buyers pay attention to what is happening in a business. Regardless of the reasons you want to sell–you need to keep that business moving along at a brisk pace, firing on all cylinders as they say. If you let the business operations lag because you are consumed with the effort of trying to do everything by yourself, it will chase good potential buyers away. Buyers want to see a healthy business opportunity – that’s why it’s important you put your time and energy into that aspect of the overall sales strategy.

It’s also important to have a realistic valuation of the business you’re selling. We give you our opinion on what your business is worth based on several different factors and the decades of experience of our team of professionals. Business owners who do it all by themselves tend to overvalue or worse, undervalue their enterprise. In the first case, you’ll have a hard time finding someone at that price, while in the second case, you’ll find a buyer but lose money.

Let us help you sell your business

We help you through every step of marketing your business, from start to completion. We work hard to get you the best possible price – your success is our success. We handle everything for you. When you want to find a team of talented professionals with years of experiences helping people sell their business or franchises, call us today.