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Wollongong covers 714 square kilometres and is located 80 kilometres south of the New South Wales Capital of Sydney. The region occupies a narrow coastal strip bordered by the Royal National Park to the north and Windang Bridge to the south. Renowned for its magnificent natural environment and noted for its heavy industry involvement and long history in the coal mining industry.

Wollongong has a distinctly multicultural population. Many migrants were attracted to the area by the job opportunities. Bonza Business and Franchise Sales have a been the number one choice for small business brokers Wollongong due to the understanding the market and years of industry experience. Successfully managing the sale and sell business and franchises, from specific nationality themed restaurants to mechanical workshops.

If you are looking to sell business Australia, there are three steps that need to be considered to make sure you are in the best position possible:

  1. Advertising – There are thousands of people out there looking to purchase a business and you need to position yourself to attract as many of those buyers as possible and the best way to achieve this is by listing a professional and appealing advertisement on all the top business for sale websites as at least 95% of buyers search online first. The thing is this can be expensive – Bonza provide this essential step in their package and save you $5000 or more in advertising and we also prepare the ad for you.
  2. Representation – When dealing with your potential buyers you need to make sure their enquires are handled promptly and confidently to instill as much peace of mind to the buyer as possible and ensure they do not lose interest – Bonza also included professional representation in their package, we prepare your Business Profile Document which can be provided after a client signs a confidentiality agreement. This file provides the buyer with all necessary information relating to your business and eliminates any questions or concerns for them, allowing them to come to an understanding faster and confidently make an offer.
  3. Price – The price needs to be right if you want the best chance of selling your business in the shortest time possible. What this means is it needs to be close enough to market value to attract as many buyers as possible and not detour potential interest – Bonza help you here too, our business sales experts can recommend a listing price by competing a full business appraisal, recognising specific price affecting conditions and offering their advice.

Finding a trustworthy business broker Wollongong doesn’t need to be an expensive or time-consuming task. Our Complete Package is the perfect method for your sale. If you would like to sell or buy business NSW, call Bonza today for a casual chat and we are happy to answer any questions you have. You can phone 1300 266 992 or complete our contact form.

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