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Payment Plan

We have two different payment plan options for the Complete Package, either a single payment or a payment plan. 

Whichever plan you choose, we get to work immediately.

The Bonza Complete Service

Single Payment
$ 3,990 +GST
  • Best Value


The Bonza Complete Service

Weekly Payment Plan
$ 169 +GST
  • Cashflow Friendly

The Bonza Complete Service

Single Payment
$ 3,990 +GST
  • Best Value


The Bonza Complete Service

Weekly Payment Plan
$ 169 +GST
  • Cashflow Friendly

Once purchased, the Bonza Onboarding Team will email you with the first step.

Payment Methods We Accept

Payment Methods We Accept

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gardening business for sale Canberra - franchise business Adelaide
gardening business for sale Canberra - franchise business Adelaide

Once purchased, the Bonza Onboarding Team will email you with the first step.


Yes it is.

Our service continues until your business is sold. We do not believe in exclusivity contracts, so we don’t do those, but we do believe in service first. 

Step 1 – Select Your Payment Plan.

The first step is to select your preferred payment plan. You can either purchase your Complete Package in a single payment, or on a payment plan. Either way the service begins immediately. 

Once you’ve selected your plan, proceed to the cart page, then to checkout. We’ll need some information on the checkout page and a credit card to make a secure payment. 

Once your payment has been made, you’re on to step 2 – getting your advertising up and running.

Step 2 – Your Advertising Worksheet.

Once payment has been made you’ll receive an two emails from us (typically within 20-30 minutes). The first email outlining the steps moving forward to get you to market, the second will contain Step 2 – advertising worksheet.

Attached will be a simple Advertising Worksheet Document that requires completing and sending back to us. This is likely to take you 5 minutes as the information is simple. 

Once complete, simply send it back to us via email and our in-house copywriters will get straight to work on creating your draft advertisement.  

Step 3 – Draft Advertisement Confirmation.

Once your draft advertisement has been built (typically within 1-2 business days) it will be sent to you for confirmation. 

At this stage you can make any changes to the advert you would like, and finally let us know when you’re happy with it. Once we get the go-ahead from you, we will upload your advert to all 9 of the major business for sale websites and our experienced business brokers can start to deal with your buyer enquiries. 

You can always request changes to your advertisement throughout the service whenever necessary. 

The next step is to get started on your Business Profile. 

Step 4 – Business Profile Creation.

Now that your advertising is up and running, the next step is to get your Business Profile built.

You’ll receive an email containing your Information Request Form. This will take you approximately 20-25 minutes to complete. It contains all of the general information about your business a buyer needs to know. You answer it once, so you don’t have to again. 

Once we have received this form, we will get to work on building your Business Profile Document. Typically this takes between 2-3 business days to create this. 

Again, you’ll receive a draft copy to look over. Once you’re happy with it, we will finalise the Business Profile and send it to all buyers that have signed confidentiality and who are waiting on your information. 

Step 5 – Financial Summary Creation (if applicable).

Now that we have your advertisements and Business Profile up and running, if applicable we will get to work on completing a financial summary of your business to represent it in the best possible light financially.

This stage may not be applicable for your business sale as your price may not be based on your financials, but if it is we will work to make sure your business is highlighted in the best possible light financially by showing your buyer an adjusted net profit after add-backs.

We do this by requesting a list of your financial documents (mainly profit and loss accounts & a year to date profit and loss). 

Step 6 – You Are On The Market

Your work is now done! 

Buyers are sent a confidentiality form to sign, then they are sent your Business Profile Document. Your experience Bonza brokers follow up with all of your buyers every 2-3 days to answer any questions, weed out the tire kickers and find the serious buyers You’re kept up-to-date by the Bonza System receiving an email with each new enquiry and as each buyer progresses throughout the process. 

The price of the Bonza Complete Package is paid upfront in order to cover your advertising costs, Business Profile build cost and the time spent dealing with your sale. 

We must pay for these things in advance for each of our clients, so the same must be done at the point of purchase, but you are getting incredible value.

The advertising alone we provide you would cost over $4,000+ if you were to do it yourself.

The Complete Service continues until you’re sold, no lock in contract.

We are backing you all the way. 

Not with Bonza. 

Whilst we have in-house experienced brokers talking to your buyers, we do not operate under any exclusivity contracts. 

We are about doing what is best to get your business sold, not tying you up. If your business sells via any other means, their will be no commission payable to Bonza.

Of course this also means that there is no harm in passing on any buyers that contact you directly to our experienced Bonza Sales agents to handle for you. 

1) The number of enquiries you’ll receive varies depending on your industry and location.

For example, if you’re selling a cafe in a metro area, expect 20 – 25 enquiries.

2) Remember that is likely to be a lot of ‘no’s’ as we qualify buyers out, but this is normal, we only need 1 buyer.

Don’t panic if you don’t get any enquiry for a little while. As long as you know your ads are out there, and on as many websites as possible, its just a matter of time.

3) Have patience. It takes time to sell a business. We’ve found “the” buyer in as little as 3 weeks before, and other several months.

The key is to remember that as long as you’re priced right, advertised heavily and represented professionally (all things the Complete Service Package covers) it is literally just a matter of time until your buyer starts looking. 

This could be in a few days, a few weeks, or a few months. Just have patience and be confident. 

4) If there are any questions that we must pass onto you from a buyer, please answer them quickly. Speed is key to the sale process. It inspires confidence to your buyers among other things.

5) Expect advice and support from us whenever it is needed. We are here with you until your business is sold.

As part of the Business Profile Creation (step 4) our Bonza Brokers will complete an analysis of your business and give you a second opinion on your price at your request. Just let us know.

All of our Sales Experts have decades of experience in business and franchise sales, and they will be happy to provide you with a better idea of your businesses likely sale price.

Sadly there is no accurate answer any honest sales professional can give you. 

The key is to make sure you’re doing what is in your control to your best ability. These factors are:

1) Ensure you price is right – we can help with this during the onboarding process.

2) Ensure you are advertised strongly – the more buyers that see your business advertisement, the better. Some buyers prefer Seekbusiness, others prefer Bsale. Make sure you’re practically everywhere they can look.

3) Ensure the information your buyer receives, and the service they get is excellent – The speed of which your buyer is dealt with, and the information they receive is critical in getting a successful result. 

Once you know you have all three of the above points covered, its only a matter of time until your buyer begins their search. 

With Bonza, wherever they look they will should you as we have all of the major website covered and more. Once they enquire the they’ll receive a confidentiality form, then your Business Profile fast, meaning they can make a quick decision. Once they wish to meet to discuss your business, they can book this in with an experienced sales professional instantly and do it from the comfort of their own home. Finally as long as your price is fair, your business sale is set up for success.

It all just comes down to when will the buyer start looking.