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Albury-Wodonga is the broad settlement incorporating the twin Australian cities of Albury and Wondonga, which are separated geographically by the Murray River. Albury on the north of the river is in the state of New South Wales, 550 kilometres from the state capital Sydney. While Wodonga on the south bank is in the state of Victoria and located 330 kilometres from the capital city, Melbourne.

Incorporating the 29 suburbs within the two cities their town centres serve as an administrative hub for the surrounding agricultural communities. The area offers the social, cultural and economic benefits of a thriving modern city but is most known for its leisurely lifestyle, rich history and heritage. The great news is that Bonza Business and Franchise Sales have a wide range of experience in managing businesses for sale Albury Wodonga and all industry types from rural supplies stores to inner city cafes.

No matter where the business is located or industry, there are three important keys to remember to make sure you have the best chance in achieving a sale.

The first key is you advertising – to put it simply, it is incredibly hard to sell a secret. There are buyers located everywhere and 95% of these use search engines like Google to begin their initial enquiry, Google will direct them to the major business for sale websites like Seekbusiness. It is very important that your business is exposed to a variety of the business for sale websites and in turn capture as many sales enquires as possible. The great news is that with Bonza Business and Franchise Sales we prepare all your advertising and list with 8 of the major external business sales sites as well as the Bonza website and Facebook page.

The second thing to remember is you need to be represented correctly – what this means is that when any potential buyers show interest in your business they need to be handled promptly and professionally to guarantee they move forward and don’t lose interest. If a buyer has any questions, it is important for all the information to be provided in an easy to understand manner. Our creative Onboarding Team at Bonza will prepare a formal business profile which is a document outlining all the information on your business as well handle any enquiries from your buyers. With our years of experience in business sales, our Buying Team will qualify and liaise with these people, instilling confidence in their choice.

Finally, the third key is the price you list your business at – The price needs to be close enough to market value to attract buyers and not detour any decision. Conveniently, Bonza Business and Franchise Sales can provide your business with a complimentary appraisal and advise on all aspects relating to the current market.

Finding a reliable small business broker Albury Wodonga can be overwhelming. If you are looking to sell a business now or in the future, interested in buying or have any questions about our Complete Package please don’t hesitate to contact us for a confidential chat by completing our contact form or calling our phone number 1300 266 992.

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