Highly Lucrative E-Commerce Clothing Retailer - SOLD

Unfortunately, you have missed this one.

The owner scaled back the business three months ago and has now had to cease working on it altogether due to personal reasons. Selling everything for $100,000 Plus Stock At Value!

Presenting an exceptional online fashion label that transcends the conventional, evolving into a force for change and dialogue. This unique brand seamlessly melds high-quality apparel with impactful messaging, serving as a catalyst for transformation. Bridging purpose and style, this global e-commerce business provides an exclusive opportunity that can be managed from any corner of the globe.

This brand has grown into a worldwide sensation through meaningful collaborations that have ignited transformative conversations. From its modest origins, featuring an inaugural t-shirt, to its inspiring partnerships with indigenous artists, this label has harnessed the power of clothing to stimulate discussions and propel positive change. Originating from a kitchen table, the brand now operates from a bustling warehouse with a committed team, achieving remarkable growth within just five years. With this year’s revenue poised to surpass the previous, the business stands as a testament to its resilience and foresight.

Backed by a proven track record and an established relationship with an international manufacturer, this brand presents an unparalleled opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. The seamless transition of supplier relationships empowers the new owner to seamlessly perpetuate the legacy of quality and purpose. Worn by celebrities and entrenched in households, this brand has not only captured attention but also hearts. With exciting collaborations on the horizon and festive designs ready to captivate, the future is bright and promising.

Key Features:

– Profitable e-commerce business operating for over 5 years with growth potential.

– The business can be operated from anywhere in the world.

– A brand that delivers purposeful messages and stimulates conversations for change.

– Internationally recognised brand with an impressive portfolio of collaborations.

Seize this golden opportunity to acquire not just a renowned brand but also tap into the potential for optimising operations through a 3PL. The prospects for increased profitability are limitless, offering a route to doubling success. Submit an enquiry today to receive a confidentiality agreement.

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  • Category Clothing/Accessories, Clothing/Footwear, Import, Import/Export/Whole, Industrial/Manufacturing, Retail
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