34480 Highly Profitable Roof Repair & Maintenance Business

A lucrative opportunity awaits in the roof repair and maintenance industry, with an established business for sale serving around 30 established Stratas and Real Estates across Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and the South Sydney region. This business operates seamlessly, akin to a well-oiled machine, ensuring prompt and high-quality services for its clientele.

The business boasts a high conversion rate, managing a range of projects weekly, from small to large. Particularly, it excels in smaller, more profitable jobs, serving both B2C and B2B clients for a diverse revenue flow. Its central location is within a 5-minute drive of suppliers, a scrap metal yard, and a rubbish tip. This proximity streamlines procurement and disposal processes, contributing to operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

In addition to its physical advantages, the business boasts an established online presence, including a professional website, active social media profiles, and excellent Google reviews. These digital assets drive continuous traffic and customer inquiries, enhancing the business’s visibility and reputation in the market.

The business has developed customised quote processing software specifically designed to generate professional quotations. This software plays a crucial role in the business’s achievements. On average, it saves approximately 1000 man-hours annually. Furthermore, the software handles most of the workload in creating a professional quotation, allowing the tradesman to concentrate on delivering high-quality roof repair services.

The business has demonstrated consistent growth, with a gradual increase in weekly turnover and a recent milestone of breaking the record for the highest profit earned in a single week. This success is a testament to the business’s strong performance and potential for further expansion and profitability.

Key Features:

– Profitable business that runs like a well-oiled machine.

– Established website, active social media, and excellent Google reviews attract continuous traffic.

– Customised software streamlines quote creation, saving 1000 man-hours yearly.

– Central to suppliers, scrap yard, and rubbish tip, optimising procurement and disposal.

For entrepreneurs seeking a profitable and reputable venture in the roofing industry, this business presents an exceptional opportunity.

Property Code: 4056

  • Suburb Alexandria
  • Price $1,150,000
  • Property ID bonza_74_3804
  • Category Building and Construction, Industrial/Manufacturing, Mobile Services, Repair, Services
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