34128 Profitable Importer & Supplier of Theft Prevention Products

Introducing a golden opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs! This thriving business, located in the vibrant city of Brisbane, specialises in the importation and sales of cutting-edge theft prevention products catered to retailers. They are a leading provider of security tags and labels, offering direct supply to retailers and source tags for national retailers, ensuring their merchandise is safeguarded against theft from the moment it arrives at the store. In addition, this business operates a booming online e-commerce platform specialising in secure tablet stands and kiosks, serving customers nationwide.

Notably, the business enjoys a steady stream of revenue from ongoing consumable sales mainly related to EAS but also including NFC and RFID applications, presenting a lucrative prospect for the new owner. The jewel in their crown is the exclusive Master Distributorship of a novel and virtually unbeatable apparel tag for the Asia-Pacific region. The growing incidences of theft nationwide have led to an upsurge in enquiries for tagging solutions, positioning this business perfectly to ride the wave of heightened demand.

Key Features:

– Leading supplier of a comprehensive range of theft prevention products to retailers, including an e-commerce store.

– Exclusive Master Distributor of a unique and virtually unbeatable tagging product for the Asia-Pacific region.

– Ongoing consumable sales for EAS, NFC and RFID applications, ensuring a steady revenue stream.

– Positioned to capitalise on increased demand for tagging solutions due to rising theft rates.

– Owner-operator friendly with a proven track record of impressive sales growth and strong market potential for expansion.

As the owner looks forward to a well-deserved retirement, this opportunity is ideal for an ambitious owner-operator. With a track record of impressive sales growth and market potential, this business is ripe for expansion. The current owner has cultivated a profitable enterprise, and with the market’s robust growth trajectory, the potential for future success is undeniable. Act now to seize this chance to capitalise on a flourishing business poised for further growth and success! Submit an enquiry today to receive a confidentiality agreement.

Property Code: 3301

  • Suburb Brisbane City
  • Price $1,350,000 Plus Stock At Value
  • Property ID bonza_74_3040
  • Category Entertainment/Tech, Import, Import/Export/Whole, Retail, Wholesale
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