34034 Pioneering Online Therapy & Psychedelic Integration Practice

Explore an exceptional business venture that goes beyond the conventional confines of psychology practices. An unparalleled opportunity beckons those who aspire to dive into the realm of innovation through a pioneering online psychology and counselling practice, acclaimed as the forerunner in providing psychedelic integration and harm reduction services in Australia.

At the heart of this exceptional practice lies psychedelic integration, guiding clients on transformative journeys to explore the profound insights and challenges encountered during their psychedelic experiences. The unparalleled expertise in post-experience support has earned recognition and commendation from clients and professionals alike.

This veteran-owned and operated business also stands out for its unwavering commitment to supporting the mental health of current and ex-serving veterans in Australia, making a significant impact in the lives of those who have served their country.

Already flourishing with a vast and loyal clientele, the business operates entirely online, offering unparalleled flexibility and removing geographical limitations. Strong referral relationships with GPs, NDIS, DVA and ADF have solidified its position as a trusted and indispensable asset in the mental health landscape nationwide.

Benefiting from a team of committed and well-informed therapists already on board, you’ll have the opportunity to harness their deep expertise in psychedelics and compelling proof of their effectiveness in addressing conditions like PTSD and treatment-resistant depression. The package includes a wealth of valuable resources, such as an extensive resource library, practice management software, a staff induction program, and a SharePoint resource repository.

Key Features:

– An incredible opportunity to break into a rapidly growing niche.

– Fully equipped with qualified therapists and a manager already in place.

– The business is run completely online, offering unlimited flexibility.

– Strong referral relationships and a trusted reputation.

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  • Suburb Sydney
  • Price $99,000
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  • Category Beauty/Health, Medical, Natural Therapies, Professional

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