Carolyn Sells Her Bookkeeping Business Saving $20,000+

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Behind every good business is a great bookkeeper and accountant. Whether you’re a tradie or a multi-national corporation, bookkeepers and accountancy firms offer anin-demand service that removes the stress from business owners, allowing them time to focus ongrowth. Carolyn grew a profitable and successfully running booking keeping business in South Brisbane. Withlong-term clients in place … Continue reading →

Cheryl Sells After 73 Buyer Enquiries

Client Success Stories

After getting sick of working in large companies, Cheryl wanted to do something for herself. Needing a challenge each day, Cheryl started her bookkeeping business. After 6 years of operation and due to personal circumstances, Cheryl decided it was time to list the business for sale. Bonza Business and Franchise Sales was there to help! … Continue reading →

David Sells His Automotive Group

Client Success Stories

After operating the business for over 30 years, David decided it was time for a lifestyle change, so the decision to list his automotive group for sale was made. Bonza Business and Franchise Sales was there to help! By offering a full broker service, David was able to continue running the business, while we worked … Continue reading →

Selling A Business COVID19

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Best Case, Worst Case of Selling Today Right now nobody can say with 100% certainty what affect COVID-19 will have on the business sale marketplace or over what period of time.  We are monitoring the levels of buyer enquiry for businesses closely, but so far we haven’t seen a change following our highest month in … Continue reading →

New Service Features

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Removing Limits, Expanding Service As we all continue to monitor the novel Corona-virus closely, as a company, we’ve been observing and thinking deeply about what actions we can take to be as helpful as possible to all Australian business owners who wish to sell their business.  Here is what we came up with: 1) Unlimited … Continue reading →