Bonza Business & Franchise Sales Australia

Industry leaders in fair flat fee business sales

Australia is a sovereign country and the largest in Oceania. The population of over 25 million is highly urbanised and heavily concentrated on the eastern seaboard. The large size of this country offers a variety of landscapes from tropical rainforests in the north end, mountain ranges in the south and desert in the centre and we service them all.

Are you looking to sell a business or buy an existing business but have no idea where to start? Bonza Business and Franchise Sales are bridging the gap between Australian business sellers and buyers to make the whole process simple and stress free for everyone. Like our name suggests, we are great at what we do because of our decades of industry experience. Our knowledgeable team and quality systems in place have been designed to be there to support both parties and at no point will you be left wondering what is happening or what’s next?

Bonza Business & Franchise Sales cater to all industries and needs – Sell a café, buy a hair salon, sell a franchise, we strive to make your experience a pleasant and enjoyable one for all involved. To make our service even sweeter, we can provide the complete package to sell a business for a low fair flat fee. No longer can you be expected to pay tens of thousands in commission fees that are not only extreme but unnecessary. We are industry leaders and are recognised for the businesses we sell, not the volume of businesses we have listed.

Find out what makes the Bonza experience unlike any other business sales service in Australia, call today on 1300 266 922 to speak to one of our team.