5 Reasons More Business Owners Choose to Sell with Bonza

When choosing a business broker how do you decide on who to use? There is so much choice it is often hard to see the wood for the trees. So here is a check list of the 5 key points that help get your business sold and maximise the profits to you!

  1. Finding a buyer requires targeted advertising across the 8 major platforms, with a well written advert and use of quality stock photos to ensure your business identity is kept secure. That’s why Bonza has dedicated copywriters working on your document, why we buy your stock images, advertise on all major platforms including SeekBusiness, Commercial Realestate, , Facebook, BusinessView, Anybusiness, bsale,, Eden Exchange and our own Bonza website. There are buyers out there, but you never know how they are going to find you so Bonza are literally everywhere!
  2. Fast and Friendly Service. We understand that selling your business can be stressful time that’s why we are here for you, to make sure things go smoothly, efficiently and you get the best result possible. Once you decide to sell  Bonza will have your business advertised within 24 hours of you providing your business details and approving your advertising copy. There is nothing more frustrating than not getting any information on your sale, that’s why Bonza informs you of every enquiry and ongoing progress throughout the sale process. The service is there through to sale, so that you stay informed and your business gets sold. Plus we always get back to you, we answer the phone and respond to your queries so you are never alone during this time.

But don’t just believe us. Read our customer reviews or give us a call on 1300266922. 

  1. Make sure your buyers are looked after. Listing your business for sale is great, but the real work is done when the buyer enquiry starts coming in. Buyers want information straight away if possible, that’s why we have built our platform to respond to every enquiry within an hour.  This initial response requests a confidentiality agreement to be electronically signed.  Once this is submitted the business information is provided to the potential buyer within 24 hours.  We then follow-up with every buyer to gauge their level of interest, at least three times, using different communication medium

But don’t believe us – test us! Look for a Bonza business on or any of the external websites and send us your own enquiry to experience the Bonza buyer service difference.

  1. Make sure the Broker you sign up with has the service to back up their promises. With Bonza you get to work with a team, so that if one person isn’t available the next person can help! And due to our cutting edge service platform, we all know what is going on with your business sale. That is why we don’t insist or even want you to sign up to an exclusivity agreement that ties you up for six months or longer. We strive to provide the best possible service to you and if you for any reason want to move to another provider you are not tied down. We know our service is the best so we don’t have to tie you up to using it!
  2. And the best reason sellers love to use BONZA: More of the business sales value goes to you, the seller! Yes you read that correctly! Although we provide the fastest expert service on the market it is also the best value for money! Bonza is the only flat rate, full service business broker where you can sell your business starting from $3,990+gst.