Month: May 2020

Bob Cashes In On His IP

Client Success Stories

Patents, trademarks, and copyrights are all forms of intellectual property and just like any other property or business, intellectual property can be bought, sold, inherited, or otherwise transferred. To achieve a sale for intellectual property or a new idea that is yet to develop traction it takes skilful marketing and knowledge in how to target … Continue reading →

No More Cleaning For Mayumi

Client Success Stories

Successful cleaning businesses are built from not only demonstrating specialised cleaning skills but providing professional customer service, strong communication and gaining an understanding that every client is different. In 2013 Mayumi decided to implement skills learnt from USA and Japan and put them into practice by South East Queensland with a high quality, residential cleaning … Continue reading →

Jessica’s Small Retail Website Sold

Client Success Stories

In today’s digital era, the popularity of running a business online has increased hugely over recent years and there are various reasons for this. The first is, of course, the huge demand for online services and products from consumers. Secondly, we now have a range of advanced technology to make online operations fast, simple, and … Continue reading →